20th February 2018

Cut Cathy Newman some slack

Cathy Newman’s Channel 4 interview with Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson has gone viral across the internet. Now, opinions on it are mixed and generally reflecting whichever […]
17th January 2017

A cynical look at, my cynical look, at New Year’s resolutions

I’ve never had a New Year’s resolution. That is because I’ve always had a cynical attitude towards them. I feel if there’s something about your life […]
30th August 2016

Turn on the TAPPS to more sales

Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter started off as a way for people to keep in touch and share trivialities with friends and family […]
16th August 2016

Does digital marketing kill the art of brand building?

My favourite drink has always been Guinness. I’ve tried plenty of beers and there are probably many which are more or less the same, but even […]