7th April 2022

Journal Column – Energy Crisis

Energy Crisi The two year COVID pandemic and, more recently, Russia’s despicable invasion of Ukraine, are being tabled as the main reason for the current cost […]
7th February 2022

Journal Column – Deadly New Highway Code Rules

Deadly New Highway Code. Most people, particularly drivers, will be familiar with the Highway Code. The Highway Code is a set of information, advice, guides and […]
14th October 2021

Time to Curtail the Wokes

Why do we teach the young to be so super-sensitive? For some time now a number of eminent education establishments and universities have engaged in an […]
2nd September 2021

Duty Before Holiday

Duty Before Holiday The terrible situation in Afghanistan has, unsurprisingly, dominated the news in the past couple of weeks.  The rapid and frenzied US-led withdrawal from […]