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24th March 2017
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10th May 2017
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The terrorist attack on Westminster last week was very sad. But there has been a lot of ‘flowers that bloom in the face of all adversity.’ I admire the very British stiff upper lip that many people have shown following the attack.

The role of the press is interesting. I’ve notice that this is the case with many atrocities in the past. These things are often glamorised. Photos of the violence fill the entire front page of newspapers with headlines such as ‘Terror in Britain’ being common. One might say that this is an example of the press doing a good job. The public deserve to know what really happened.

However, I can’t help but feel there’s a contradiction between these attention-grabbing, violence-glorifying front pages and the focus on heroics that is reported within the pages of the newspapers. The ‘i’ newspaper has made a point of this, changing their photo at the last minute to a picture of hero MP Tobias Ellwood assisting a dying policeman. This is what we should focus on if we really want to prove that we’re moving forward.


Evil can’t prevail. It will if we gawp at its effects.