24th October 2016

Advertorial launch set to build brand awareness

Building brand equity and creating a change in consumer awareness is not too difficult and the answer is relatively simple. It is to inform and educate […]
6th October 2016

The pros and cons of celebrity branding

Everyone is, of course, familiar with the basic way in which celebrity branding plays out. If people like the celebrity, they will be more likely to […]
27th September 2016

Is “traditional” advertising dead?

Judging by the content of some marketing blogs, a lot of people in the world of marketing appear to believe that “traditional” advertising is dead, being […]
23rd September 2016
Challenge concept in word tag cloud of speking bubble shape

Challenge Me!

Do you have an impressive product, service or organisation to promote? Impression Marketing can help you? We will use our marketing expertise, industry knowledge and media […]