23rd September 2016
Challenge concept in word tag cloud of speking bubble shape

Challenge Me!

Do you have an impressive product, service or organisation to promote? Impression Marketing can help you? We will use our marketing expertise, industry knowledge and media […]
21st September 2016

Santa v Jesus

Political correctness and a misguided fear of offence is certainly a contributory factor to the threat of traditional festive celebrations in our predominantly Christian country.   […]
12th September 2016

Origin of some well known words, sayings and phrases

I’m always fascinated by Etymology and the origins of some well known sayings and phrases that we use every day.  Here are a few – How […]
5th September 2016

Who wants to live forever?

Who wants to live forever?  And I’m not speaking rhetorically. I genuinely would love to know each and every person’s response to that question and reasons […]