7th September 2017

Journal Column – The Butterfly Effect

The Butterfly Effect One of my favourite films is the 2004 supernatural thriller ‘The Butterfly Effect’ staring Ashton Kutcher in the leading role.  In the movie, Kutcher’s […]
14th August 2017

Real Reason for the Gender Pay Gap?

There is a lot of debate in the news recently about wages, particularly in the BBC where many female presenters have signed a petition to be […]
7th August 2017

Journal Column – Bring Back The Major

Bring Back the Major   In JK Rowling’s ‘The Goblet of Fire’, Professor Dumbledore counsels the troubled Harry Potter, pondering a difficult decision, by telling him […]
17th July 2017

PRoblematic high flyers

In the past few months, airline companies either side of the Atlantic, British Airways and American Airlines, respectively, have been subject to huge PR disasters. Both […]