Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Your sales and marketing activity is the heart and soul of your business activity – It’s the life blood that fuels your success and growth.  If it’s fresh, vibrant and regularly circulating, your business prosperity will remain healthy and energetic; if it’s stale and stagnant you risk commercial fragility.

The key ingredient to any effective sales, marketing and promotional practice is good copy and content.  This is what links everything together. It’s not good enough anymore to simply create a catchy strapline and draft up a few innovative benefit statements and then repeatedly flog them endlessly across all mediums.  The commercial world has moved on from that. 

Today, sales, marketing and promotional strategy requires a holistic approach across all mediums and communication channels including:

  • Press releases
  • Advertising Copy
  • POS material
  • Packaging
  • Website content and SEO
  • Newsletters
  • Social Media

This is important for all businesses but even more so to new and SME companies.

The biggest obstacle to drafting good, regular appropriate copy and content is writer’s block, which is generally a lack of: time, inclination, confidence or ability

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