4th August 2022

Journal Column – End wokism in the military

Lethal wokism in the military must end    It was recently announced that the BBC is to scrap the Fast Show’s coughing Bob Fleming character, played […]
8th July 2022

Journal Column – Was life in the 1970’s really so bad?

Was life in the techno devoid 1970’s really so bad?     Other than depressing news about more MPs being exposed for gross misconduct the other […]
3rd June 2022

Journal Column – Uncivil Service

Uncivil Service   For over two years, the country has endured some devastating hardships from the covid pandemic. Now, just as the covid threat has started […]
6th May 2022

Journal Column Money alone can’t save the NHS

Money alone can’t save the NHS   The NHS is in the spotlight once again following the recent budget. Indeed, the rise in National Insurance contributions was […]