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6th October 2016
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4th November 2016
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Building brand equity and creating a change in consumer awareness is not too difficult and the answer is relatively simple. It is to inform and educate consumers through a campaign of public relations, advertorials and other established promotional mediums. It’s all down to that well proven marketing phrase; “Repetition Builds Reputation”.


Impression Marketing is a trade affiliate member of the BHTA and we are looking to engage and work with association members to launch a series of informative advertorials within national and local media to detail, your business branding and educating and highlighting what the BHTA logo stands for and why consumers should select a BHTA member business for their homecare needs.


The planned advertorials are funded by incorporating space for members to promote their own businesses and organisations, and thus leverage off the key messages the articles will contain.  With a close working relationship with over 160 national and local newspapers and magazines this will not be restricted to only the larger national players, as the intention is to carry out regional versions so smaller BHTA member businesses can benefit too. A sample of what they may look like is available to see via this LINK


As advertorials generally attract more interest than traditional adverts do, and it is our belief that if the members embrace and support this promotional idea, there will be a marked increase in consumer understanding of their business and the BHTA. This will transfer into a commercial equity for member retailers as more customers recognise BHTA membership as a vital part of the buying decision.


Key to success will be making the whole process as easy as possible for members to engage and invest in.  Impression-Marketing will create the design and advertorial layouts along with negotiating the various advertising space with the media along with members who want to be featured. The initiative will start with print media as that is the easiest and quickest route to market, but they have plans to extend the campaign to also include Radio, Digital and TV in the future.


It is probably fair to say that many in the Homecare Industry are familiar with the BHTA logo and its objectives in the healthcare market and a great many will be members too. However, the challenge for all is building a greater awareness to the  wider “consumer” public and our aim is to work with member business’s and hope together we can one day enjoy a similar brand identity to that  enjoyed by ABTA and the FMB in the holiday and building industries.”


For more information on how to be one of the first companies to benefit from this cBrand Initiative contact Impression-Marketing on 0845 3082745 or email