1970s, wasn’t so bad, was it?

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10th May 2017
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1st June 2017
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any have commented that voting Labour would take us back to the 1970’s as if it would be a bad idea. Like any decade, the 1970’s had its faults, but it also had its fair share of fond memories too.

Back then:
We had no computers, smartphones or social media; instead we had social interaction.

Tea shop cafe 1970s
We had no self-checkout tills; instead we had personal service with a smile.

.Self service service 1970s

We had no nanny state or compensation culture; instead we had commonsense and personal responsibility

We had no We had no over-cautious health and safety; instead we had fun and games.

Conkers Conkers 1970s

We had smartly dressed police officers patrolling the streets that were respected by the public and feared by the crooked.

copper 1970s

Education was about the three R’s not social engineering. We had GP’s that could see you in 24 hours not 24 days.

We had boys and girls; not myriad genders types

Playing 1970s Kids playing
We celebrated Christian culture without fear of offending other religions or the agnostic.

xmas 1970s winterval

If life is for living not existing, perhaps harking back to the 1970’s may prove less of a turn off than many would suggest.